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Project Summaries

Marine Boatyard Services and Industrial Support

ATS provides management, material support services, labor, supplies and equipment to provide marine boatyard and industrial support which includes specific modifications, upgrades, service life extensions and repairs to non-commissioned boats, craft, lighterage and service craft and their associated systems and periodic maintenance.

Technical Order Libraries and Maintenance Data Support

ATS provides personnel, supervision and services for Technical Order Library Management, and Maintenance Data Collection Support performed at several installations.

Minuteman Launch Support Services

ATS provides personnel, supervision and services in the areas of Minuteman Launch Support Services at Vandenberg AFB, CA. Services include management planning, programming, administration, supplies, vehicles/non-vehicular solutions and labor necessary to perform launch support services. Services include post launch refurbishment of Minuteman Test Launch Facilities, corrosion control services, vehicle issue and control, equipment issue and control, environmental management, program management and training management.

HAZMART Operations

ATS provides the management and operation of a center for hazardous materials management. The HAZMART operations is the single control point and provides accountability for the requisitioning, receipt, storage, issue, reissue and usage tracking of all hazardous materials. Functions performed include HAZMART Management, Pharmacy Operations, Hazardous Material Management System (HMMS) Database Administration, Supply Functions, and Chemical Issue Center operations.

HAZMAT Minimization Center Operations

ATS provides management and operation services to include the procurement, receipt, storage and issue of hazardous materials utilized by United States Navy TACAMO Squadrons and supporting agencies. Activities include managing HAZMAT inventory levels; and managing, issue, and receipt of Deployment Kits.

Hazardous Material Management Services

ATS provides personnel, supervision and services in the areas of Hazardous Material (HM) management services. ATS is responsible for standardizing the reduction of Total Ownership Costs for ordering, receipt, storage (to include shelf-life management), issue, delivery, tracking, returns and approved reuse, and disposal of unserviceable HM.